Leisure and Lounge

Our guests can now enjoy a new leisure area where they can comfortably choose from amongst dozens of channels on our large-screen LCD TV. Guests are also welcome to use the DVD player. This room is equipped with a CCTV system.

Business Centre / Online Business / Internet

This area was created so that our guests can conduct their business without interrupting their holiday. It is also available for guests who just want to use the Internet for their personal use. The room is equipped with a computer, an LCD monitor, a printer, a keyboard with integrated telephone and a webcam with speakers and microphone. The software allows for editing photos and videos. In short, it includes everything necessary for videoconferences or leisure. The system is equipped with UPS.

Buffet Breakfasts space

Recently created this space for 32 places where you can now take a small lunch cetanily will be theplace of choice because much that our customers wanted a space like this and here is the dream of a desire.